Get ready, get prepped,

Here is a run down of all the essential things you need to do/take into consideration to help your hair and make up be the best it can for both your trial and your special day. 


 Visuals are an essential way for me to gain a firm understanding of what you want, and I cannot stress this enough - be realistic. Remember that often the images we see online do not reflect real life. Even the models we see don't look like them.

Remember we don't walk around with a permanent filter on us, we are real people with lines, texture and 'flaws'. Make up can enhance your features but not makes things disappear.


Please  also be aware that what suits one person may not suit you. Things too bear in mind is skin colour, eye colour, eye shape, hair texture, length, colour and so on. Choose images with features similar to yours.

I recommend that you choose images of my work that stand out to you to show me - after all you are choosing me for your special day for a reason, right?! Show me the bits you like.


Finally, please remember that at the end of the day we are all DIFFERENT. Beautiful but different - Embrace being you.


If you are thinking about having a drastic change please do this before your trial. Hair is a big part of the overall look so experiment now and be sure you have the same hair style/colour/length etc for the trial as you will for the day. I highly recommend highlights, lowlights and multi tonal hair for all wedding styles.

Everyone must wash their hair thoroughly the night before the big day/trial and it must be done just before bed. Please make sure you wash it twice with shampoo, concentrating on the roots and the nape of the neck and only condition mid lengths and ends People with very long hair/very soft silky hair, do NOT use conditioner - Especially if you re wearing any of your hair down. Please do not use any heated products on the hair other than a hairdryer and do not use any oils.

YOU MUST NOT COME TO ME WITH JUST WASHED HAIR THAT IS EITHER STILL WET OR DAMP - UNLESS YOU ARE HAVING A BLOW DRY. This takes away from precious time needed to style yours and others hair. 

It is necessary that even if you aren't having your hair styled by me that It is clean. Dirty hair never looks good and will not compliment your make up.

SKIN -  

Looking after your skin in crucial. It is the foundation of great make up. As a make up artist we are not magicians, we can only work with what we have. Drink lot's of water and stay hydrated. Yes, it may feel like a chore but it will make a big difference.  Invest in a great skincare regime. Exfoliation, cleanliness and hydration is key and will help to create your perfect base and get the most from your make up.

 The day before your trial and wedding day, everyone who is having make up done should





Please do not turn up with make up on or lashes - unless extensions.


I cannot stress this enough! To get the most out of your trial and on the day, it is ESSENTIAL you come with your eyebrows shaped, neat and tidy! Please do not under estimate a good brow - they are make or break. They frame the whole face and complete a look. 


Lips that are soft and supple are a big fat yes. When you brush your teeth before you have your make up done gently exfoliate them with your tooth brush to rid them of dry skin and unwanted texture.

A Few Extras - 

If  you have any  extras that might be helpful in the process, for example hair accessories, veil, favourite lipsticks, false lashes you swear by and so on, please bring them with you. For your trial It's a great idea to wear a white T-shirt and clothes that make you feel good.



The big day is here and you are preened and prepped to perfection. Just a few things to remember... Please bring with you, your powder and your lipstick to pop in your bag so you can top up through out the day!! Relax and enjoy it, it's going to be a wonderful day.

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