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Hair & Makeup

Hi, I'm Pati and I am so excited to be a part of the 'Rose Forrest Team'.

Rose and are like peas in a pod - we share the same goals of empowering women through hair and make up, enhancing natural beauty and celebrating clients unique styles.

I would describe my style as modern and fun with a touch of glam added into the mix.

I love to bring a super friendly, chilled vibe with me to a wedding morning whilst remaining cool calm and professional. 

***Examples of Pati's work below***


Hair & Makeup

Well Hey there, I'm Alice :)


 I am a fully qualified Bridal hair and makeup artist with over ten years experience in the industry; seven of those have been dedicated to Brides and all things weddings.


The styles I love to create are natural, effortless and timeless. I create the kinds of looks you won't regarde in a decade or two to come.

I love to work closely with brides and love to bring a new found confidence to the people I am lucky enough to make over. 


   On your wedding day I promise to bring you a calming, friendly and professional vibe!

So excited to be a part of the 'Rose Forrest' Pro team! :)

***Examples of Alice's work below***




Hey, I'm Steph :)

I am a vegan and cruelty free makeup artist based in Bristol.

I haa=ve been makeup and beauty obsessed for as long as I can remember - it is how I express myself creatively

What I love most about make up is the power it has to transform us and help us to look beautiful on the outside but also make us feel beautiful from the inside.

Gorgeous glowing skin, naturally radiant and red carpet worthy makeup is what I do best.

I absolutely love the buzz and excitement of a wedding morning and being there for my brides as a makeup artist but also as a friend. I want my clients to look and feel the best bridal versions of themselves :)

The make up I use is high quality ensuring longevity anda flawless finish.

I am really proud to work alongside Rose as part of her pro team!

***examples of Stephs work below***

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