in Partnership with,

 Frederico Mahora

RoseForrest is now a proud, loyal and trusted partner of Federico Mahora also known as 'FMWORLD'.


FM's aim is to bring to customers high quality fragrances at a fraction of the price. 

When it comes to perfume, it isn't the scent, the oils or the ingredients that make perfume expensive, it's the designer name, the fancy bottle, celebrity endorsements and intensive marketing that create the expensive price tags.

FM work in partnership with DROM fragrances one of the top fragrance suppliers in the world, serving well known clients like Chanel, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein and Guerlain plus many more. FM's perfumes and products not only match and are made with the same base fragrances, but in my and many others opinion, excel in the quality of their designer and high end counterparts made in the same factory. 

If you have a favourite popular designer fragrance chances are FM can match it and keep your pockets happy by saving you a lot of money.

To see if I can find you a match for your favourite perfume...


FACT: One of the best things about FM is that an impressive 95% of it's products are VEGAN and 100% are cruelty free. 

To find out more information/ to visit the official FM website click below...