Q. What is the best way to contact you?

A. The best ways to contact me are the following...

For Bridal enquiries fill out the 'Bridal Enquiry' form.

For Anything else please use the 'General Enquiry' form. 

Please fill in both in as much detail as possible so I can get back to you with all the relevant information.

Q. Where will the trial take place?

A. Trials can either take place at my home studio in Weston-S-Mare or at a place/venue of your choice. If the trial takes place somewhere other than my home studio, please be aware there may be travel costs involved. 

Q. How Far are you willing to travel and what are the terms and conditions?

A. I am willing to travel any amount of distance for a brides big day, but please bear in mind that if an overnight stay is deemed necessary, the cost will be expected to be covered along with time and travel costs.

depending on the distance there may be a minimum booking of people or minimum spend involved that excludes travel costs.

Q. How can I get the most out of my hair and/or make up for my trial and wedding day?
A. You many not know this but I cannot stress this enough.
YOUR part in this process is absolutely KEY!!! Repeat x 5! 
Preparation on your behalf is essential for YOU to get the most out of your hair and make up for both the trial and on the day.
Please click here to go to your hair and make up prep list so you can look and feel your very best for your special day.

Q. I have a large bridal party, how will you manage all of this on your own?

A. If you have a large bridal party that requires more than one assistant then do not panic. I often work alone but I also have a network of trusted assistants who work with me on bigger parties. 

Assistants I work with are professionally trained within the industry and meet a very high standard of work to ensure all of your bridal party will be looked after. 

Q. Who can come to the trial?
A. Anyone who wants a trial can have one, BUT when a bride has hers I strongly recommend bringing no more than two people with you (either to have a trial themselves or as support) 
Trials can be a lovely experience but they work best in relaxing and calm atmospheres. Minimising numbers also allows me to really concentrate on fulfilling your expectations and create the perfect look for your special day.
Polite notice: Please bear in mind that if you have children present that I use hot tools and other equipment that may be dangerous and a hazard. For these reasons I highly recommend your trial is a child free zone. Especially if you are coming alone and no one to oversee them. 
Q. What does the cost of the trial include? Can I trial more than one look?
A. The basic cost of a trial whether it be for hair/make up or both includes a skin and/or hair analysis, an in-depth chat about your desired wedding look, about realistic/unrealistic expectations, creating your vision followed by troubleshooting and finishing tweaks as directed by you to perfect your look. 
If you would like to trial more than one look on the same day then there is a cost of an extra £30 per make up look or hairstyle.
You are more than welcome to book in for separate trials as many times as you would like but please note that costs will start at the same base rate as the original trial. 

Q. How do I book you/ secure my date?

A. Once initial contact has been made and your invoice has been sent, to secure your day there is a 30% deposit required. Your day will not be guaranteed until the deposit is recieved.

Q. Will you do my wedding make-up with out a trial?
A. Trials are by no means essential for everyone but this does not include the bride. I will not commit to a bride who does not want a trial. This is a professional decision as there is no room for uncertainty or disappointment on what is quite possibly one of the most important days of your life. 

Q. When is a good time to have my Trial?

A. A trial is highly advisable once you have/ have chosen your dress. Your dress can play a key part in deciding a make up/ hair look to suit. Usually between 8 to 10 weeks is a prime time to have your trial. By this time most brides have chosen their dress and have strong ideas about the hair and make up choices they would like to make.

I will always do my best to fit trials to suit your preference, but as I'm sure you are aware I have a busy schedule, especially on weekends when most of my weddings take place, so please be aware there may need to be some willingness to compromise.

Q. What is the order on the day?
A. As a general rule of thumb, Any hair prep that needs doing on the bride will be done first before continuing to get the bridal party ready. The bride will have hair and make up done second to last. This ensures there is plenty of time for the bride to put her dress on and do any last minute bits and pieces before the wedding. There will also be last minute touch ups before the bride leaves to get married, ensuring she looks super fresh for her entrance.

If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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