Thanks so much for stopping by, it's lovely to have to you, BUT before I go any further, I have a confession...

...If you're looking for anything along the lines of a sharp heavy brow and intense contour then I'm probably not your gal for your big day. DON'T get me wrong - I believe all make up styles have their time to shine, but for me, that's not here!

PHEW! now I've got that off my chest..

(insert sigh of relief here) we can proceed.

So HELLO, I'm Rose! I've been doing hair and make up for over 5 years now and have trained with some of the best in the business, I am OBSESSED with make up. I'd like to deny that for me it is an addiction but, well, it is! My obsession has grown so much over the years, but now it's not just about the make-up. It's about MY BRIDES TOO!

Bridal styles that bring me JOY are;

Romantic up-do's, beachy waves, braids (uh, I just LOVE them sooo much) and of course a classy Hollywood wave. I'm obsessed with dewy glowing skin, classic/timeless looks that would look amazing on the red carpet and I love bridal make up that is natural but I'm also not afraid to support a bold flush of colour on the lips/cheeks.


The chances are that we may well not have met yet, but believe me when I say I am already excited at the thought of being a part of your special day.

ANYHOO, before I go getting all gushy and write an essay, take a look around and if you have any questions or I can help in anyway then drop me a message, I am always more than happy to help!

Lots of LOVE,

Rose x

If you'd like to have a nosey at What's in my kit click

I have trained with some of the best in the industry, including national award winning hair and makeup artists well known within the industry.

I have worked on (bridal) style shoots up and down the country and my work can be found in magazines, as well as a wide selection of online features.